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Wind Mill Powertrain Products
Meet our state-of-the-art powertrain for wind power mills.
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Gear Box

Acceleration equipment that delivers the power generated by the blades to the generator

  • SW-D 2.0/2.5

    SW-D 2.0/2.5

  • SW-D 5.0

    SW-D 5.0

  • SW-C 2.0/2.5

    SW-C 2.0/2.5

  • Gear Box Housing

    Gear Box Housing

  • Gear Box Cover

    Gear Box Cover

Yaw/Pitch Gear

Deceleration equipment which controls the speed of the wind mill to increase the operational efficiency

  • Yaw Gea

    Yaw Gear

  • Pitch Gear

    Pitch Gear

Hydraulic Disc Brake System

Hydraulic brake system to stop the rotation of the blades, when necessary

  • Hydraulic Disc Brake System

    Hydraulic Disc Brake System

  • Rotor Hub
  • The center piece of the rotor with a collar attached to the drive axle
  • Rotor Hub

    Rotor Hub

  • Heat Exchanger
  • Heat exchanger for exchanging thermal energy between the fluids

    Heat Exchanger