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SNT Dynamics is growing into a sustainable company with continued self-innovation and changes.
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Healthy Life

Healthy Life
Health Insurance
Company grants for health management of the employees
Company Health Management Center and Physical Treatment Centers are in
operation with full time nurses and physical therapists.
General Health Check ups are provided to all employees once 1 year, with biannual
Special Health Check ups also provided.
Partial coverage of the costs of Comprehensive Health Check ups on corporate account

Affluence in Life

Affluence in Life
Company Souvenirs: New Year's Day, Chooseok, May Day
Scholarship/Tuition Fee Support: Tuition fee for children of the employees in middle
schools and high schools. The company also provide a coverage of the admission fee for
college along with congratulatory payment for admission.
Summer Vacation Benefits, Holiday Benefits for New Year's Day and Chooseok Season

Leisure Life

Leisure Life
Movie Day events on 'Family Day': once a month
Company Summer Retreat
Holiday Facility: Condo memberships owned by the company
Sports Festival: Every October
Company Grants for Hobby Clubs by Employees: Partial coverage for costs of participating in
competition events outside of the company
In-house language academy
Company Barber Shop
Company Tennis Court (2 courts) and Fitness Center in Employee's Dormitory
Sport grounds in SNT Dynamics Complex

Life in Stability

Life in Stability
National Pension, Workmen's Compensation Insurance
Company supports in family occasions: Flowers and funeral service teams for
family events of the employees
Company Shuttle Bus for commuters
Dormitories and company apartment for employees
Progressive Retirement Annuity