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Greetings About SNT
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SNT Dynamics, a leader in precision machinery industry, stands firm at the heart of precision machinery industry that opens the door to the new world of technology.
We are committed to realize customer satisfaction by making products with the highest quality. Welcome to the web site of SNT Dynamics.
SNT Dynamics has been widely recognized as one of the founding pioneers of precision machinery industry of Korea since its foundation in 1959.

SNT Dynamics has been contributing to developing national competitiveness by manufacturing key products for the core industries of the nation, including high quality auto parts, medium to large size cast products, high-reliability defense products and a lot more using the accumulated technical capabilities in precision machinery over half a century of history.

We will continue to fulfill our goals of manufacturing the 'top class products with the highest quality, by means of continued innovations and improvement of company value. We are determined to develop SNT Dynamics into a Great Company that is future oriented and trusted by the customers and the market as a result of such endeavors.

We invite all of our customers to witness our leap-forward to 'global top class precision machinery industry manufacturer' in the field of precision machinery.

We wish you all the best and success in your efforts.

Thank you.
Park Jae Seok, CEO