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SNT Dynamics is growing into a sustainable company with continued self-innovation and changes.
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SNT Dynamics seeks to realize its company vision of becoming the best in the industry by cultivating a talented workforce armed with trust, challenging spirits, and creativity.

We have been providing various incentives and benefits for employees with technical licenses or certifications to secure workers with high technical capabilities and strengthen the competitiveness of the company in terms of technology and quality. The average duration of employment of our workers is, as of the end of 201, 21.6 years, which is the longest among all private enterprises in Korea.

Trust, Passion, Challenge, Creative
A person who can love his/her customers and accept
them as a part of their lives.
A person with a clear goal to be the world's best in what he/she does but without fear of failure
A person who takes on his/her job with commitment
and passion
A person with creativity, the challenging spirits, and hardwork to lead the way to change