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120mm Mortar System(KM120)

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Caliber : 120mm
Maximum Rate of Fire : 10 rds/min for 3 min.
Firing Range : 13 km (RAP)
Loading : Semi-Automatic Loading
Reaction Time for 1st Round : 30 sec (Approx.)
Weight : < 1,400 kg
Sustained Rate of Fire : 3 rds/min
Firing Coverage : 45°~70° (Ele), 360° (Trv)
Firing Mode : Drop / Percussion
Ammunitions : HE, RAP, WP, ILL, TP

12.7mm Machine Gun(K6)

Gun Weight38kg
Gun Length1,654mm
Rate of Fire450~600rpm
Maximum Firing Range6,765m
Effective Firing Range1,830m
Barrel Change TypeFast Change
ApplicationsCombat vehicles (tanks, armored vehicles, SPGs,) command/convoy vehicles,
gun boats, aircraft, etc.

20mm Automatic Cannon(KM168)

Gun Weight118kg
No. of Barrels6EA
Rate of Fire2,700~3,000rpm
Maximum Firing Range4,500m
Effective Firing Range2,200m
Applicationsarmored vehicles, aircraft, gun boats

20mm Automatic Cannon(KM39A3)

Gun Weight82kg
Gun Length1,839mm
Rate of Fire1,500rpm
ApplicationsAircraft (F5 fighters, etc.)

30mm Automatic Cannon(KKCB)

TypeHorizontal double barrel
Rate of Fire600rpm
Effective Firing Range3,000m
ApplicationsSelf-propelled anti-aircraft gun (Biho,) gun boats, etc.

40mm Automatic Cannon(40L/70K)

TypeDouble barrel
Rate of Fire300rpm
Effective Firing Range4,000m
ApplicationsGun boat, etc.

40mm Automatic Cannon(K40)

Gun Weight720kg
Firing modeSafety, semi-auto, full-auto mode
Rate of Fire300rpm
Maximum Firing Range12,000m
Effective Firing Range6,000m
ApplicationsNext-gen APCs, etc.

Remote-controlled Weapons System



   The target information (visual, distance, etc.) gathered by ordinary and night vision cameras and laser range finders
   mounted on the weapons rack outside of the control room can be displayed on the monitor in a safe platform,
   allowing the operator monitor, track, aim, and shoot the enemy while staying in protected areas.

System Characteristics

ㆍCompatible with various types of weapons
ㆍCan be mounted on a variety of platforms, including tracks, wheels, Multi-Purpose Combat Vehicles,
    and gun boats, etc.
ㆍFiring on the move: Stabilization and auto-tracking features
ㆍIncreased accuracy by laser range finder and the ballistics compensation system
ㆍSeparate optical apparatus for daytime and night operations
ㆍCan be operated at night and under the weather
ㆍManual and emergency operation: loading, aiming, and firing
ㆍFiring mode: Semi-automatic, Full-Auto ㆍSelf-diagnosis capability
ㆍRecoil-absorber: 80% of recoil absorption