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The Fields of Social Sustainability
SNT Dynamics makes the life of mankind more affluent.
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Scholarship programs to develop the future talents

The two representative scholarship programs to develop future talents are, respectively, 'the scholarship program for science majors,' and 'scholarship program for alienated people.'

As a part of the scholarship program for science majors, an industry-academy cooperation agreement and KRW 100 million of scholarship was provided to Changwon Campus of Korea Politec IV and the 'CEO Lecture' provided to all science and engineering students in Universities all over the country, including the Engineering College of Seoul National University. The top management of the company donated the entire payment for their lectures as scholarships, which made the efforts recognized as a 'role model' in talent donation.

Also, the company entered into an industry-academy exchange agreement' with Samjang Elementary School in Sancheong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, in which the company covers the entire cost for all students in the school taking a trip to Jeju Island and Seoul. In 2011, the company also sponsored 'the 5th Gaebaplbaragi Expedition,' which was a walking trip program covering the entire nation. These efforts constitute our 'scholarship program for alienated people,' which is expanding with the company's enthusiasm and commitment for social contribution.

  • Establishment of Woon Hae Foundation

    Establishment of
    Woon Hae Foundation

  • Sponsorship of Gaebapbaragi Expedition

    Sponsorship of
    Gaebapbaragi Expedition

  • CEO's lecture for science and engineering students

    CEO's lecture for science
    and engineering students


Environmental Activities
Our environmental activities program includes our donations for Birds Protection Society and the annual environmental campaign of Gyeongsangnam MBC in 2007, participation as a sponsor company in 2008 Changwon Ramsar Conference, which is a world famous environmental festival, in October 2008. In 2013, we officially entered into '1 company-1 mountain' for Mt. Daeam, Changwon and '1 company - 1 river' for Namcheonbyeon to further expand our environmental activities. In addition, the two eco-ponds and the Rape Flower Field covering an area of 6,000 py, which were developed as a part of our Green Plant initiative, have become a famous destination for family hang-outs.
  • 1 company 1 mountain campaign

    1 company 1 mountain

  • Eco-pond in our complex

    Eco-pond in our complex

  • 1 company - 1 river

    1 company - 1 river


Sharing Activities

Our social charity activities are mainly composed of 'Corporate Mecenat,' and '1 company-1 village' initiative (a sponsoring agreement to support a rural village or a welfare facility.)

Our corporate Mecenat activities started with our sponsorship for the local orchestra in 2005. And, we have been supporting various artists every year ever since. Especially, the Graduation Concert for Naval Academy by Eurasian Orchestra, which we sponsored in March 2012, is now well recognized as an expansion of corporate mecenat activities as its was offered as a cultural voucher to provided the people who were alienated from cultural lives to have a chance to have a taste of culture.

At the heart of the '1company-1village campaign' is the company magazine of SNT Dynamics, 'Woorideul.' 'Beautiful Companionship,' which was planned as a special feature program for the magazine developed into our sponsorship to welfare facilities in real-life, while another project called 'Autome Picking' developed into our participation in '1 company - 1 village campaign.' Other activities such as the text books for correspondence education to 'Beautiful Shop,' equipment donation to welfare facilities for the handicapped and elderly, and sharing the blood donation certificates are all voluntary activities by our employees to be a model of social responsibility activities.

  • Graduation Concert for Naval Academy

    Graduation Concert for
    Naval Academy

  • 1 company - 1 village agreement

    1 company - 1 village

  • Blood Donation Campaign of Love

    Blood Donation
    Campaign of Love