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Introduction to Our Social Contributions Sustainability
SNT Dynamics makes the life of mankind more affluent.
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SNT Dynamics has been actively engaged in social
responsibility activities
in many field as a part of our
efforts to serve as a responsible member of the society.

Social Works Flow

  • Identification of the beneficiaries
  • Establishment of the support plan
  • Support Execution
  • Follow up
  • In cooperation with Gyoungsagnam-do
  • Changwon-si
  • Seongsan District Office and other local authorities
  • NGO, media, schools
  • Volunteers group
  • Annual plans for social
  • contribution Establishment of annual budget
  • Annual execution plan
  • Focus of support identified
  • Execution of the social works
    → Supports in human and physical resources
  • Social works scores for the employees
    → to promote participation by the employees
  • Continued management of the partner organizations
    - Job searching support/
      provision of self-
      supporting foundations
      purchase of local specialty
  • social works scores to be reflected in performance assessment of the employees

Fields of Social Works

The fields of our social contributions are mainly composed of scholarship programs, environmental programs, and sharing programs.

Scholarship Program

Environmental Program

Sharing Program

  • College Scholarship
  • Talent Cultivation Fund
  • Scholarship for Alienated People
  • CEO's lecture to cultivate talented
    people in science major
  • 1 company - 1 mountain campaign
  • 1 company - 1 river campaign
  • Green Plant
  • Sponsorship for Environmental
    Activities Group
  • 1 company - 1 village sponsorship
  • Sponsorship agreement for
    welfare facilities
  • Corporate Mecenat
  • Sponsorship for organizations for
    handicapped people