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SNT Dynamics makes the life of mankind more affluent.
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SNT Dynamics shall see the environment, safety, and health

as the priority of its management and endeavor to minimize injuries and damages that could occur during development,
manufacturing, use, and disposal, for a harmony between human, nature, and corporation.

Rules on Environmental Management 01.
The company shall implement a high standard for monitoring the environmental risks and other potential risks for continued improvement of environmental safety and health,
as well as prevention of pollution. For this reason, the company shall establish and implement a stricter set of internal rules than it is required by the law.
Rules on Environmental Management 02.
The company shall establish and operate an environmental health and safety management system
to minimize injuries and damages in case of an emergency or accident, with a view to maintain the business free of accidents and hazards and promote the health of the employees.
Rules on Environmental Management 03.
Include removal of wastes and contaminants from the sources in the goals for an ongoing imrpvoement effort and minimize the environmental footprint by recycling and reusing.
Rules on Environmental Management 04.
When there is a request from a party of interest, the policy on environmental health and
safety shall be disclosed and the information on environmental safety and health shall be shared.
Rules on Environmental Management 05.
All employees shall be aware of his/her responsibilities and roles, which shall be carried out with integrity, in order to fulfill the company's environmental safety policy.
  • ISO 14001

    ISO 14001

  • ISO 45001

    ISO 45001

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In order to execute the above mentioned policies, the company shall designate the head of the Administrations Division as the representative
of the CEO to oversee the entire environmental safety and health management system, review this policy on a regular basis,
and make revisions as necessary.
  • March 21.2021
    CEO, SNT Dynamics Park Jae Seok