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SNT Dynamics makes the life of mankind more affluent.
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SNT Dynamics serves the country with technology under the management philosophy of 'Aiming for the best and contribute to the welfare of the world via management.'

To realize the vision of 'top global precision machinery industry manufacturer' and the goal of leading the world market with technology, we keep improving our core technical competency.

Based on such managerial philosophy and corporate culture, we have established our unique vision and value system.

  • A company striving to become the world's best and beneficial to the world through business management
  • Realize a world-class global precision machinery industries company with distinctive brand products
  • Concentrate the management capacity on global marketing and R&D field.
  •  Generate new jobs through partnerships
     and M&As.
  • Develop future-oriented products and distinctive brand products
  • Establish a responsible management system by each headquarter
  • Value
  • Field management    :    Transparent management    :   Right management
  • Company motto
  • Future-oriented
기업정신, 목표-최고를 지향하는 기업, 경영지침-적극적인 사고 방식의 정착, 행도지침-생각 즉시 행동