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Powerpacks & Drive Systems

High Reliability Defense Industry Products

Guns & Artillery Systems

High Reliability Defense Industry Products

Protection Weapons

High Reliability Defense Industry Products

Automotive Powertrain

High Quality Powertrain Products

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SNT Dynamics is the pioneer of the precision machinery industry in Korea based on excellent precision machinery technology.

01 Defense

SNT Dynamics is manufacturing high-reliability defense industry products that contribute to the self-defense of Korea.


02 Automotive

SNT Dynamics is producing high-quality powertrains that lead the development of national industries.


03 Machine Tools

SNT Dynamics produces ultra-precision machine tools that open up a prosperous future for mankind.



Best Technology & Best Quality

SNT Dynamics will grow and develop into a great company by further improving the corporate value through constant change and innovation.


SNT Dynamics will do our best to develop cutting-edge products that give trust and impression.

SNT Dynamics, which is growing together with you, will always think and act customer-first.